MoM Hip Implants

British Medical Journal Reports Ongoing Problems with Metal on Metal Hip Implants

In a February 2012 issue of the journal BMJ, scientists reported on the problems common to all metal on metal hip implants.

First, revision rates with metal on metal hip implants are much higher than with other types of implants.  Second, metal poisoning is an unfortunate reality of these implants as well.

The metal used in these implants is a cobalt-chromium alloy, both of which are known to be carcinogenic.  Patients with metal on metal hip implants have higher levels of these metals in their blood because of the fact that the grinding of the components in the body results in release of metal ions.

The study referred to the DePuy ASR Implant, which had a failure rate of 50% in the first 6 years.  The study revealed that this was because of a defective design which led to high levels of chromium and cobalt in the joint, which led to soft tissue and bone necrosis.  The metal ions that cause the initial problems continue to be shed into the body, causing other problems as well.

The article also stated that “a recent retrospective study of causes of death found patients with metal on metal hips had higher cancer mortality than patients with metal on polyethylene during the first 20 years after the implant, but not thereafter.”

Though there haven’t been conclusive findings on whether or not the release of metal ions causes cancer in hip implant patients, the flaking off of metal particles into the body has been associated only with negative impacts.

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