Coloplast Corporation manufactures many different types of medical devices, including urological devices such as transvaginal mesh and slings.

The following mesh devices manufactured by Coloplast are used to treat pelvic organ prolapse:

  • Exair Mesh
  • Restorelle Smartmesh
  • Novasilk Synthetic Flat Mesh

Coloplast also manufactures the following sling devices that are used to treat stress urinary incontinence:

  • T-Sling with Centrasorb
  • Aris Transobturator Sling
  • Supris Suprapubic Sling
  • Minitape Sling
  • Omnisure Sling

Thousands of women who have been implanted with one of these products have reported serious side effects to the FDA, including mesh erosion, mesh contraction, recurrent infection, pain, bleeding, and pain during intercourse.  Because mesh products are almost always impossible to remove completely, many of these women are facing a lifetime of pain and suffering.

If you are one of the women who have suffered from mesh manufacturers’ failure to warn and properly research and market a safe product, you may be eligible for compensation.  Contact our defective device attorneys immediately.  We can provide you the legal guidance that you need, and we can also help you get proper medical treatment as well.

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