American Medical Systems

American Medical Systems (AMS) is a medical device manufacturer that specializes in women’s pelvic health.  It claims that 1 out of 3 women over the age of 45 suffer from urinary incontinence, and 34 million women worldwide suffer from pelvic organ prolapse.  Hoping to capitalize on this market, AMS manufactures several mesh products.

Lawsuits against AMS are underway, alleging that the company failed to warn patients about the potential serious side effects of its products, and also alleging misrepresentation, fraud, and negligence.

If you have had transvaginal mesh and are suffering serious side effects such as erosion, perforation, pain, recurrent infection, and recurrence of prolapse or incontinence, you may be eligible to join a lawsuit and hold the manufacturers responsible.  We know this is a difficult matter to discuss.  Our defective device attorneys are compassionate and experienced and can get you the answers and help you need.  Contact us today to discuss your case.

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Who Manufacturers Mesh? American Medical Systems

American Medical Systems, now a part of Endo Health Solutions, has been manufacturing transvaginal mesh and sling devices for women’s pelvic health for years.  They manufacture a number of products. The following products are marketed by AMS for treatment of various types of pelvic organ prolapse: Elevate Prolapse Repair System Perigee (for bladder prolapse, or…

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