Millions of Americans suffer from chronic hip joint pain.  Whether from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or an injury, many of these individuals do not respond well to medication and therapy.  In order to resume a more normal life and level of activity, many of them turn to hip replacement.

Metal on metal hip implants were first hailed as huge progress for those in need of surgery.  Manufacturers claimed that metal on metal hip implants were longer-lasting and could allow patients to have more active lifestyles.  Unfortunately, the reality of metal on metal hip implants turned out to be very different.

In fact, these devices have turned out to be no superior to the older, ceramic devices, and actually cause more complications.  One of the most serious complications that has resulted from metal on metal hip implants is that the metal ions can flake off from the implant itself and then enter the bloodstream and the surrounding tissue and bone.  This metal toxicity is called metallosis, and is a very serious condition.  In the case of metal on metal hip implants, chromium and cobalt ions are released into the body.  Only a blood test from your doctor can definitely diagnose this condition.

In the most serious cases, metallosis can lead to cancer.  Other symptoms may include infection, nerve damage, skin rashes, and kidney disease.  Other patients also suffer from decreased mobility, loosening of the device, and inflammation and pain.

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