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Judge Tosses Jury’s Verdict Against Actos Manufacturer Takeda

Actos Bladder Cancer Attorneys at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP Can HelpIn Maryland, a jury found drug giant Takeda Pharmaceutical Company liable for $1.7 million in damages for not properly warning its user regarding the risks of taking Actos and developing bladder cancer or heart problems.  The subject of the case was a deceased man by the name of Diep An, who was a former U.S. Army translator.  An began taking Actos in 2007, and was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2011.  He died months later in January of 2012.

Despite it’s findings of Takeda’s guilt, the jury also found that An contributed to his death by smoking for the majority of his life.  Because of this, the judge set aside the jury’s verdict, granting the plaintiff’s estate nothing.

Other similar lawsuits are pending all around the country.  In Louisiana, multi-district litigation involving over 1,200 suits is set to begin in federal court in January.  Despite the fact that this verdict was set aside, the fact that the jury found Takeda Pharmaceutical Company guilty of not properly warning of the risks of Actos sets a positive precedent for future litigation.

Actos has been plagued with problems for some time.  In the U.S., the FDA found that there was indeed an increased risk of bladder cancer for some users of the drug.  In France, the government demanded that the drug be taken off the market.  In Germany, to discourage the use of Actos, the government stopped reimbursing for the drug.

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