Actos is a Type 2 Diabetes treatment that was approved by the FDA in 1999.  It works by making the body more sensitive to insulin, and therefore improves blood sugar control.  As with most drugs, at first Actos was hailed as a safe alternative to other diabetes treatments that had been riddled with problems.  However, soon Actos had a list of serious side effects of its own, including heart failure, macular edema, and bone fractures.

The most serious side effect that has been linked to Actos is that it may cause bladder cancer.  We invite you to browse our content and posts regarding Actos, and then contact our defective drug attorneys to discuss your case.

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Novo Nordisk Seeks New Uses for Victoza

Novo Nordisk’s Chief Science Officer Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen stated that the pharmaceutical company is looking into continuing trials to determine if Victoza could be marketed as a possible Alzheimer’s treatment.  Victoza is currently going through a proof of concept study.  If this is successful, the drug will continue through phase III clinical trials to see…

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Judge Tosses Jury’s Verdict Against Actos Manufacturer Takeda

In Maryland, a jury found drug giant Takeda Pharmaceutical Company liable for $1.7 million in damages for not properly warning its user regarding the risks of taking Actos and developing bladder cancer or heart problems.  The subject of the case was a deceased man by the name of Diep An, who was a former U.S….

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The FDA’s Actos Warnings

  The FDA has looked into the side effects of Actos several times, and though they have required the manufacturer to update its label, Actos still remains on the market.  However, because patients who have suffered are standing up and forcing Takeda and Eli Lilly to be held accountable, the once hidden side effects of…

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